71st Transportation Battalion Vietnam Veterans First Reunion - Day Two
Our Tour of Fort Eustis
We would like to thank everyone at Fort Eustis who was responsible for helping with our tour.  Special thanks go out to
Vicki Bowker from the Fort Eustis PAO who coordinated our tour, LTC Smith-McCoy, 71st Battalion Commander,
and her staff for our tour of the 71st Bn, 508th Motor Pool, and Captain Stull and her staff for our
tour of the Third Port.  We were treated with dignity and respect by all.
Group Photos Outside The Museum  Entrance
Left to Right Front Row - Dave Covert - Larry Neuman - Bob Shanta - Bob Grier - Tom LeMoine - Gregory Farris - Rich Morawa - Randy Richmond  Charles Shrewsbury - Back Row Standing - David Brown - Mike Haas - Charlie Busacca - John Shook - Dennis
Koziel - Al Furtado - Nilla Thorn Herb Edwards - Joe Howard - Al Krabbenhoeft - Rick Rawlings - David McNaught - Jim McCormick - Jack Park
Our First Stop - U.S. Army Transportation Museum At Fort Eustis
Waiting For Our Bus To Take Us To Fort Eustis
                                                                          The Flying Wheel                                                                                                                       Nilla Pretending To Be Part Of The Exhibit
Some Early Army Vehicles
More Of The Vehicle Displays
The Vietnam War Section Of The Museum
The Huey
Manning The Guard Tower - Nilla - Al - Carol
The Eve of Destruction, the only gun truck that was brought back to the United States.
The Gun Truck Weapons Crew
The TC Terminal / Boat Area Of The Museum
Nilla Looking Around
Looking At The Display Of Vehicle Models
                                              Rich Killblane - Greg And Chau Farris                                                                                                                                      VC Bike
Saigon Port And Newport
Newport Terminal - TET 1968 - Since these plaques were made, there has been more updated info added to the TET battle at Newport from members of the 71st Transportation Battalion who fought
in the battle.
Continuing On To The Korean War Section Of The Museum
Moving On To The Gulf War Section Of The Museum
Continuing On To The Outdoor Displays At The Museum
David Brown - Bob Shanta - Jack And Mary Park - Taking A Little Break
Sgt.  William W. Seay - 62nd Trans. Co. Recipient Of The Congressional Medal Of Honor
The Train Area
                                                                                                  Neat Shot Looking Through The Huey                                                                                                                                                                                                            David - Roberta - Rich
Truck Area
Air Park - Above And Below
Marine Park - Above And Below
This concludes the Transportation Museum tour.  Now we are off to the Fort Eustis Club for lunch
with some of the troops of the current 71st Transportation Battalion.

Back On The Bus
Arriving At The Fort Eustis Club
Fort Eustis Club
We had our own private room for lunch;  again we were treated like VIPs.
Standing in the background are some of the current 71st troops. - Far right is LTC Smith-McCoy, 71st Battalion Commander, and some of her staff.  They passed out 71st Transportation Battalion
history handbooks to us all.
Waiting For The Bus Outside the Fort Eustis Club  To Take Us To Our Next Destination - Seems as though the bus driver took a little side tour of his own.
71st Transportation Battalion History Handbook
Still Waiting For The Bus
                                                                                                               Randy & Jan Richmond                                                                                                                                                                                                                 John & Kay Shook
The bus has arrived.
Back On The Bus And Heading For The 71st Transportation Battalion's 508th TC Motor Pool
Fort Eustis Main Gate
All Port Locations In Vietnam
Herb & Inge  Standing In Front Of An Aerial Photo Of Fort Eustis
Some Early Army Vehicles
TC Company Signs
Judith & Dennis Koziel
Chau - Rich Killblane (Transportation Command Historian) - Tom & Greg
Dale - Al  - David
Dennis And Judith
Dave And Paulette
Inge And Herb Edwards
Some Soldiers On Museum Detail
Funny How Time Slips Away - Elvis Presley