71st Transportation Battalion 2008 Reunion
July 23 - July 27, 2008
Ann Arbor, Michigan
Day One
- The Wednesday Evening  Cookout At John & Kay Shook's Home
Arriving At John & Kay's Home - The banner John had waiting for us in his driveway  was great.
John & Kay really went all out with the cookout.
The food was great.
Dale is right at home cooking on the grill.
The Gals Really Enjoying The Food - No Diets Today
Everyone Filling Up
John & Kay's Back Yard  On The Golf Course
Herb - Tom - Rich
Herb - Rose - Rich
Herb has three of the girls cornered.
John And Kay's Home
John & Kay's house was beautiful, but I like the garage  best.
The Girls At The Bar - Like They Need More To Drink
They sure are having a good time.
Tom Checking In On The Girls
Holly - Kay - Carol
Joe - Tom - Al
Brenda & Kay
Rick - John - Rich
71st Transportation Battalion Vietnam Veterans Banner - It will be back next year.
David & Al
John Shook
We all thank John and Kay for having us at their home for a wonderful cookout.
Joe - Al F And Randy
John And Al K
Dale & John
Rich & Randy
Anna (Go To Him) - The Beatles