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The two photos below were sent to me from George Burks. He was also with the 154th TC at Newport during 1970. George, thanks for sending in the photos
George at the retrograde yard at Newport
George with his friend Bill - in the 11 Cav
Here are some various photos I took in the area of Bien Hoa, Long Binh, and Saigon
On The Way To Newport
Village On Side Of Road
Check out the 58 Chevy!
I guess most of us took a ride in one of these.
U.S. Embassy in Saigon just before Tet 68.
US Army headquarters being built at Long Binh Post.
Headquarters Near Completion Photo Courtesy of Frank Kelly 185th Maint Bn  67-68
Looking down at Newport Terminal from the Newport Bridge. This is the view Charlie must have had when they took over the bridge during Tet 68 . Won't forget that night.
The Three Photos Above Are The Water Treatment Plant In Thu Duc - As You Can See It Was Heavly Guarded During Tet 68
The two photos  above are of a tanker  truck company next to Camp Camelot.  Coming from Newport - Saigon  on highway 1A, just before Long Binh Post you  would turn  right on the  dirt road, go a  mile or two  up and the  gate to Camp Camelot was on the left . I believe  the next gate up was for this truck company.  I took these  photos after entering  the gate to Camelot  and looking  to the right. Could  it be  the 538th TC? Update from George (Ebo) Duerr confirming it was the 538th TC  Petro-Main, Tanker Valley .  George was with the 47th TC petro-Main motor pool from December 1967 to December 1968.  George, thanks for the Info.
Left Photo -Roadside along the way to Newport -  Right Photo - Just approaching Highway 1A from the dirt road to Camp Camelot
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Ode To Billie Joe - Bobbie Gentry - 1967
Below are some photos sent to me from Rick Willis.  Rich was with the 277th S&S Battalion, which was next to Camp Camelot. Damaged buildings in Bien Hoa from Tet 1968