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More Photos From Alfred Krabbenhoeft
Photos I Took In And Around Camp Camelot During October 1967 To September 1968
SP/4 Al Krabbenhoeft - First Day In 551st At Camp Camelot
Left - 551st Living Quarters- Right - Building An Unauthorized Addition To Our Quarters At Camelot
Left - SP/4 Fred Parker And SP/4 Al Krabbenhoeft - Right - PFC Hoffman - SP/4 Warren Schaub And SP/4 Al Krabbenhoeft At Camp Camelot February 2, 1968
Left - SP/4 Al Krabbenhoeft - Right - PFC Hoffman At Camelot Morning Of February 2, 1968
Left - Water Supply For 551st - Right - Shower House Behind 551st
Left - One Of The Cleaning Girls With Outhouses In The  Background - Right - Another Cleaning Girl With Urinal In The  Background
The Beginning Of The 71st Outdoor Theater Where We Saw USO Shows And Movies At Night - With Battalion Headquarters In Right Background And USARV Headquarters In Upper Left Background
USO Shows At The Theater - Looks Like The Theater Is Completely Finished In These Photos
Left - 551st Outhouse With The Recycling Cans And Diesel Fuel Drums - Right - 71st Battalion Headquarters And Mess Hall
Left To Right - SP/4 Warren Schaub - PFC Hoffman - And SP/4 Richard Morawa Behind Guard Quarters At Camelot
Left - Sandbag Filling Area At Camelot - Guard Bunkers With Bearcat Road Just Beyond - Right - Sandbagging Of Ammo Bunker At Camelot - Notice New Roof Of Theater Under Construction
SP/4 Al Krabbenhoeft Arriving At Camelot The Morning After The Newport Bridge Attack
Left - Guys From The 71st On The Fence Line Next to Bearcat Road - 71st Received Incoming Fire The Morning Of February 2, 1968 - Right - This Photo Was Taken From The Fence Line Looking Over The 71st - Notice The Smoke Clouds From The Ammo Dump Blowing Up - Morning Of Feburary 2, 1968
Left - Perimeter Of Camelot - Bearcat Road With APC And Gook Village Beyond - Right - Photo Taken From Camelot - Tank Running A Little Hot Headed Down Bearcat Road Toward Highway #1
USARV Headquarters On Long Bien Post Located Just Above Camp Camelot
Left - University Of Siagon From Highway #1  - Right - Another Photo Of The Ammo Dump Burning
Left - Tanker Company Next To Camelot - 538th TC - Right - A Familiar Sign Leaving Camelot
SP/4 Al Krabbenhoeft On Fence Line At Camelot Sitting In Old Vietnamese Grave - Morning Of February 2, 1968
Left - Live Christmas Tree Planted Between Headquarters And Mess Hall - December 1967 - Right - A Great Sign Of The Times On One Of The 71st Trucks
Left - SP/4 Richard Morrawa Of Garden City, Michigan Waiting For Convoy To Pull Out To Newport - Right - SP/4 Al Krabbenhoeft On Convoy Truck In Front Of 71st Mess Hall
71st Troops Loaded Up For The Trip To Newport - Battalion Headquarters To Left
Left - Headed To Newport On Highway #1 - Notice Concrete Factory Just Ahead - Right - Old French Out Post Just West Of Bearcat Road On Highway #1
Left - Water Filtration Plant Along Highway #1 - Right - Troops Digging In At Water Filtration Plant In Preparation Of TET 1968
Left - Concrete Factory Along Highway #1 - Right - ARVN Troops On North Side Of Newport Bridge
Command Change Ceremony At Camp Camelot
Thank You For Taking The Time To Look At All My Photos -  Maybe You Recognized Someone Or Maybe You Even Saw Yourself - Please Feel Free To Email Me With Any Information
Alfred "Al" E. Krabbenhoeft
Email Me Now

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