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More Photos From Gregory Farris

Below are some photos I took at Camp Camelot and the Long Binh Post area.
Below are some photos I took on and around Long Binh Post.
Greg Farris At Camp Camelot - 1968
I'm on the right and my friend, Ben Yost, is on the left.
368th Platoon Morning After Tet - February 2, 1968
Road In And Out Of Camp Camelot - 1967
                              368th TC Shower Area                                                        368th Supply Building Area
368th Company Hootches - Great View Of USARV Headquarters In Background
Larry Christ And Vince Sheftic In Hootch At Camp Camelot           Looking Down At Camp Camelot - February 1968
Camp Camelot Baseball Field - April 1968
        Looking At Camelot From Bear Cat Road                               Another Look At Camelot From The Hill Above
Taylor And Three Other GIs Having A Barbeque - January 1968
567th TC Company Area
USO Show At Camp Camelot - Late 1967 - Webmaster: Al Furtado - I also took photos of this same show.  They are on  photo page 11. On the next photo below, Greg actually has me in the photo. This is the first time I saw a photo of myself taken from someone I didn't know at the time.  You made my day Greg.
Another One From The Show  - Al is standing up in front of the bus with no hat on between the two black GIs.
Another Show At Camelot
More Of The Shows
Another One I Took With Al In The Photo
Walking Toward The Mess Hall At Camelot - April 1968
                        567th TC Company Area                                                      Me At 567th Company Hootch
Ben Yost In His 567th TC Hootch Catching Up On Some Reading
Party Time At The 567th - Ernie, Sawyer And Bean
                     Inside Our Hootch - May 1968                                                          Bean - June 1968
90th Replacement Battalion - October 1969
                     Gregory Farris                              90th Replacement Battalion                        Pete Meyer
Construction Of The New 506th Depot At Long Binh Post - August 1968 - Move Completed July 1969
         Long Binh Post Sand Gravel And Asphalt Area                                               New Depot Area
Long Binh Post II Field Force Chopper Landing Pads
Long Binh Post
First Log Snack Bar - Just Above Camelot Next To USARV Headquarters
                          USARV Headquarters                                                 Barracks Somewhere On Long Binh Post
277th Guards Being Posted On Long Binh Post
Long Binh Post - Sign Reads:  USARV Officers Open Mess                            Cargo Area - Long Binh Post
Long Binh Post Fire Department - Not Sure What's Going On With All The Foam
               More Construction Of The New Depot                                 Bear Cat Road - Just After Turning Off 1-A
Choppers At II Field Force Area - Sunset Landings - May 1968
Dong Nai Barge Site - October 1968 -  Site was just a short distance from Camelot on 1-A.  All operations were closed down there and moved to Cogido and Bien Hoa sites sometime in 1969.
Repelling Tower On Long Binh Post - Check out the guy doing pushups.
Repelling Tower Again - The sign reads:  "First Team Screaming Eagles Repelling Tower Will Do Sir" with 101st and First Cav. patches on sign.
The Square & Compass Club On Long Binh Post
                      Carpenter & Sasic On Left                                              Not Sure About The Names Of These GIs
                       Alexander & Holbe On Right                                     Another View Of The Square & Compass Club
The General's Quarters On Long Binh Post
Highway 1-A - Approaching Long Binh Post - February 1968
Two More Looking At USARV Headquarters From Different Locations On Long Binh Post
The Outer Perimeter Road On Long Binh Post - 1-A Visible On Upper Right
Riding On 1-A Looking At Long Binh Post Outer Road - Two Choppers Coming In
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Photos From My 2005 Trip Back ToVietnam
Camp Camelot Area
Main Road Through Camp Camelot
Another Section Of The Main Road Of Camelot
Looking Down Onto What Used To Be The 368th TC Company Supply Area
More Of The 368th Company Area
Above Camelot Looking Down Where The Ball Field Was
More Of The Camelot Area
Trench Between Camelot And USARV
Road Between Camelot And USARV
Looks Like Large Storage Buildings In Camelot Area
Other Side Of Storage Buildings Off Of Bear Cat Road About The Same Place The Rear Entrance To Camelot Was
Bear Cat Road Near Our Outer Perimeter
The Big C - Corner Of Bear Cat Road And 1A
Stand By Your Man - Tammy Wynette - 1968