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My name is Ralph Harwood.  I was attached to  the 567th Transportation Company from June 1966 to August 1967.  I  was Executive Officer for the 567th as the senior Lt. even  though I had only been in the Army from March of 1966. We were the initial buildup at Camelot. I was sent to stevedore school at
Eustis but pulled out of school due to the rapid buildup of the 567th and  the rush to ship  us to Vietnam. We sailed from Oakland on the Patrick
in  August of 1966. Our company later was split, sending part of the  company under Lt. Eddie  Hunt to Dong Tam to support the 9th
Infantry Division.  Primarily our training was on the job.
Below - Photos Taken At Camp Camelot
LT Harwood And 1ST Sgt Allen
Setting Up The 567th Company Area
In the background is USARV Headquarters, still a steel skeleton. 1st Log Headquarters hasn't even been started yet.
Beginning Of Aluminum Huts
Mama Sans are in front of two-man officer tents.
The conversion from tents to Adam Huts is just about completed.
Below - Newport Terminal
Working A Ship At Newport
Result Of Operator Jumping Out Of Truck When Bad Crane Angle Lifted Front Of Truck Off Ground.
LST At Slip
Great Overhead View Of Newport Terminal - The three large buildings are the consolidated maintenance operation. It opened some time in late July 1967.  Prior to that, each company serviced their own equipment.  The three administration  buildings haven't even started to be built.  This photo was probably taken early in 1967.
Horseshoes At Camelot
Working The Hatch - Looks Like USAID Cargo
Below - On The Road
Saigon Traffic
Army declared these off limits; they would  move them elsewhere.
Saigon Traffic
Saigon From Helicopter
Lt Hunt And Harwood At Dong Tam In Mekong Delta
Hitching A ride In An Airplane Out Of My Tho
Dong Tam
Hope you have enjoyed looking at my photos. Please contact me with any questions or comments.
E- Mail Ralph Harwood
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