2004 Long Binh Vietnam Veterans Reunion
Pigeon Forge, Tennessee
June 27-July 1, 2004
Below Are Photos Of The Members Who Attended The Reunion
Some Of The Group Shortly After Arriving In Pigeon Forge
Hungry  People Waiting To Get Inside Ruby Tuesday's
Deciding What We Want To Eat - Looks Like Fred Is Getting Impatient For The Food   LOL
Morning Of Day Two, June 28  -  Visit To The Veterans Memorial Museum And The Dinosaur Museum
Wouldn't Want To Run Into Any Of These Guys Some Dark Night
Look In The Background - Tom, Irene And Carol Making A Run For It Out The Back Door
Start Of Day Three - June 29 - Talking About Where We Were Going Today
Looks Like Something Funny Going On Here - Carol And Roberta Pulling Out Money And Mike With His Hand Out
Later That Same Day - Our Trip To The Ober Gatlinburg Tram
This tram car is supposed to hold 120 people. - LOL - It takes you about
two thirds (2.1 miles) of the way up the mountain to the main complex to
more attractions and shopping.
The Ice Skating Rink In The Main Complex Building With Shops And Eating Places Around The Perimeter -
No Takers On Doing A Little Skating - I Wonder Why - We probably would be cleaning the ice with our
The Rear Of The Main Complex And A Second Chair Lift To The Top Of The Mountain
Here We Go To The Top - Only Five Of Us Will Make This Trip - The Rest Chickened Out - Irene, where are you?
Looking Back At David - Mike And Tom Holding Up The Rear Guard
Carol And I - Photo Taken By Computer Approaching Top Of Mountain - They charged us $13 for it!  What the
heck, you only live once.
Finally made it to the top.  Don't worry ladies I'm watching these guys (and Carol).
Heading Back Down To The Main Complex - Hold On - From there  we take the main tram.  10 minutes at 17
MPH to reach the base and back to the hotel to get ready for dinner.
The Next Day - June 30 - Breakfast With Mike, Sue, David And Roberta At Bob Evans - Everyone
Is Tired From A Late Night
David And Roberta - From California - New Members To Our Group - David And I Were Both With The 71st
Transportation Battalion About The Same Time  -  Welcome Aboard
Looks Like Irene Is Full From Breakfast
You really had to be there to know what these are all about.
The Grand Finale - A Patriotic Tribute
Another One Of Those, What The Heck, You Only Live Once Photos
Our Last Night At The Reunion
Fred's New Jacket - Birthday Present From Marie
Fred Must Have Said Something Funny - Look At Marie & Carol
Saying Goodbye To David Thursday Morning
Morning Of July 1-The Reunion is over;  it sure went by fast.
Wish I had taken more photos,  but I guess I was having  such a good time I forgot to.
Wednesday Afternoon - Off To The Country Tonite Show
Mike & Sue
Marie & Fred
Group Photo
Irene & Tom
Judie & Vern
Carol & Al    
Roberta & David
Rose & Butch
Pat & Stan
What A pair Of Legs - Guess Who They Belong To
Some Of Us Around The Courtyard After Breakfast
Who can stare the longest, Judie or Vern?
David And Roberta
The Night They Drove Old Dixie Down - Joan Baez