Randy & Jan Richmond - 2006 Long Binh Reunion - Jeffersonville, IN
                                                                                Tom & Rose                                                                                                                                                       John & Kay
                                                                               Holly & Al                                                                             

Below Are Some Photos Sent To Me From Some Of The Other Guys At The Reunion
We are all enjoying the beautiful day cruising up the river.
The Belle of Louisville was originally built as Idlewild in 1914 by James Rees & Sons of Pittsburgh, PA, for the Memphis Packet Co.. She left Pittsburgh for Memphis, TN, on January 9, 1915. In February, 1928, she was sold
to the New St. Louis & Calhoun Country Packet Co., Hardin, IL. In April, 1947, she was again sold to J. Herod Gorsage, Peoria, IL. There she got her second name Avalon in February, 1948. She was sold in 1950 to the
Steamer Avalon Inc. of Cincinnati, OH, to serve as excursion boat. In 1962 the boat was sold to Jefferson County Fiscal Court and renamed Belle of Louisville, based in Louisville, KY.
Photo and info courtesy of steamboats.org.
                                                                             Jan & Jim                                                                                                                                                Joe & Owen
Randy & Jan Richmond - 2006 Long Binh Reunion - Jeffersonville, IN
Some Of The 71st Trans. Bn. / Long Binh Group Members
Leaving Port On The Belle Of Louisville
                       Terry - I know it's got to be this thingamajig here.                                                                                                                        Randy & Jan
More Of The 46th Eng. Members
Entrance To The Patton Museum - Looks like some new recruits getting into formation.
Some Of The 71st Crew - Al Furtado - Al Krabbenhoeft - David McNaught - John Shook
Some Of The 46th Eng. Members
This is the actual statue of Sadam Hussein's head that was torn down as seen on TV many times.
Don't Know What's Going On Here - LOL
                                                                 Irene & Henry                                                                          
                                                                                                                                             Al & Al                                                                                                                                                                                                                             John - Tom - Randy - Al & Al
This looks like an M48 Tank. - Should have read the sign next to it.  - Rich And Randy Standing On The Side
   Bridge Pillar - Look out captain you're getting close                             
One Of The 46th Eng. / Long Binh Group Tables
Back At The Ramada
One Of The Tanks Displayed On The Grounds Of The Museum; not sure what model this is.
More Of The Long Binh Group
Rich - Al - Randy
                                                             John & Kay                                                                                                                                                          Al Caught In The Headlamps Again
One Of The Long Binh Group Tables
From LtoR Around The Table -- Holly Krabbenhoeft - Carol Furtado - Kay Shook - Jan Richmond - David
McNaught - Randy Richmond- John Shook - John Boyle - Joe Tuttle - Al Krabbenhoeft
Waiting For Lunch To Be Served
                                                                                 David & Rich                                                                                                                                          Joe - Bob - Owen
Carol & Terry looking Around In The Museum
                                                                    Bob & Fred                                                                   
Inside The Museum - Set Up Like An Infield Diamond
Vern & Judie Nelson Receiving Their Recognition Plaque For All  Of The Hard Work They Have Done Finding Vets From The 46th
Wake Up Al
                                                                     Vern & Judie                                                                                                                                                          Ruby & Ron
The Slugger Bat Outside The Museum Entrance
                                                                             Tom & Irene                                                                             
Al & Holly Leaving The Dock In The Bird
Terry & Carol
Al Holding The Olympic Torch From The 1996 Summer Olympics In Atlanta, GA  Thank You Dennis.
                        Terry - David - John - Dennis - Judith                                                                                      Jan & Randy
                                                                                   Evan & Sue                                                                                                                                                 Stanley & Pat
                        Randy & Jan -Wake Up Randy LOL                                                                          Judith & Dennis Koziel
Al & Carol Furtado - 71st Webmaster & Assistant
Some Of The Long Binh Group

Top Row Standing - LtoR - Vern Nelson - John Shook - Joe Tuttle - Al Krabbenhoeft - Mike Gum - Tom Le Moine - David McNaught - Terry Weibel - Ronald Tanski
Bottom Row  LtoR - Ronald Mindak - Rich Morawa - Randy Richmond - Al Furtado - Dennis Koziel - Owen Martin
Seated in the front row, wearing a jacket and tie, is Raymond Morgan - 46th Vet.
A Trip Across The River To The Louisville Slugger Museum - Factory
It was a real education on how baseball bats are made.
Lloyd Hampson Between The Ladies
The Night And Day View Looking Across The River At Louisville, KY From
Buckhead Restaurant
                                                                        Ron & Bonnie                                                                     
Some Of The 46th Guys
                                                       Holly & Al                                                                                                  Carol & Al
                                                                                                                                                                                                                        Ron & Cheryl Mindak                                                                                                                                                                       Tom Tharp
You know I had to get this one on the page.
Thursday Evening At Buckhead Restaurant
Ramada Inn Riverside - The Reunion Hotel - Notice the building in the foreground-it's Buckhead Restaurant.  I think we closed the place down a couple of nights out on the deck.
Trying To Figure Out What We Want To Eat
Jean & Gary Sigafoo  - Unfortunately Gary Has Passed Away
Friday - Off To Fort Knox, Kentucky To Visit The Patton Museum
2006 - 46th Eng. - Long Binh Vietnam Veterans Reunion
Jeffersonville, IN - Sept. 7-10
Again, for the second year we thank the 46th Eng. for having us as guests at their reunion.
A Piece Of The Berlin Wall On Display In The Museum
Tom & Rose Le Moine
Saturday Morning - Our Lunch Cruise Up The Ohio River On The Belle Of Louisville
Randy & Jan
Owen Martin
Rich Morawa
Someone Has To Stay And Guard The Ladies - LOL
Saturday Evening - The Banquet
Rose & Bob
Henry & Dee
Tom - Janet - Fred
Mike & Sue
Tom & Janet
Holly & Al
This one is for John, Joe and Owen.  -  Yes, John was elected.
Back To The Belle Of Louisville
Getting Ready To Board The Belle
Levee Wall Art
Barge Ramp On Ohio River
Don't Know What's Going On Here
Breakfast At The Ramada
He's The Great Imposter - Fleetwoods