71st Transportation Battalion Vietnam Veterans First Reunion
June 14th  -  June 17th, 2007
Williamsburg, Virginia

Once again I would like to thank everyone who was able to attend our first reunion.  I know there were a lot of you who wanted to attend and, for various reasons, were unable to.  We hope you will be able to make it next
year.  The reunion was a great success.  Thanks to all of you, my dream of eight years ago is a reality.

Arriving at the Comfort Inn Central
                                                          Al & Carol Furtado With Bob Shanta                                                                                               Gail Norman & Randy Richmond
                                                          Al Furtado & Paulette Brown                                                                                                                 Charlie Busacca  Resting                                                                                                                            Pastor Jack Park & His Wife Mary
               Al Krabbenhoeft Passing Out Tote Bags Donated By John Shook                                  Dave Covert-David McNaught-Randy Richmond-Rick Rawlings-Herb Edwards
Rick Rawlings - Charles Shrewsbury - Brenda Rawlings - Herb Edwards - Randy & Jan Richmond
                                                                           Tom - Nilla - David                                                                                                          Dennis Koziel With Jack Park & David McNaught
                                            Bob & Bernadette Grier With Randy Richmond                                                                                   Jan Richmond - Rose LeMoine - Carol Furtado
Every night we would meet in the breakfast room/lobby and talk about the day's events, look at various photos and memorabilia, etc.  We really brought that place to life.  The Comfort
Inn Central will never be the same!
David Brown - Dave Covert - David McNaught - Rick & Brenda Rawlings - Looking At Some Photos
Al Furtado & Nilla Thorn - Nilla was a USO entertainer who performed at Camp Camelot in 1967 and 1968.  
                                 We are looking at some of Nilla's photos from Vietnam.                                                  Charles Shrewsbury On right With His Brother-In-Law Roy On left
More Photos At The Nightly Get-together
Holly Krabbenhoeft - Roberta McNaught - Jan Richmond - Cheri McCormick - Inge  Edwards
Tom  LeMoine
                                  Bernie, Bob & Nilla                                                                                                                                     Bob & Nilla
                                            Rose & Carol  - Is that really coffee in those cups?                                                                                                       Bob & Charlie - Up Early
                                                  Rich looks pretty tired; I wonder why.                                                                                                Rose & Tom are looking at Rich sleeping.
                              Herb & Inge Edwards - Remseck, Germany - 402nd TC                                                                     Gail & Diane Norman - East Bend, NC - 402nd TC
                                           Jim & Ann O'Keefe - St. Charles, IL - 372nd TC                                                                        Dennis & Judith Koziel - Dallas, GA -71st BN HHD
                                         Jim & Cheri McCormick - Shelby, OH - 402nd TC                                                                                  Tom & Rose LeMoine - West Allis, WI - HHD
The Deuce - Larry - Rick - Randy - David - Herb - Jim
Newport Security  - Don't fuss, call us.
                                                      The Deuce Again - Wake up Randy.                                                                                                                          David - Herb & Brenda
Dinner At Captain George's
71st Dinner At Ruby Tuesday's
402nd Dinner At The Red Lobster
Looks Like Some Very Interesting Material
Morning Coffee
Roberta - Jan - Kay - Holly - They just can't wait to get to Fort Eustis.
Getting Ready For Our Trip To Fort Eustis
                                             Randy And Jan                                                                                                                     Charles
                                        Mary And Jack                                                                                                 Al - Randy - Bob
Bernie - Al - Bob - Bernie is presenting me with a painting she did of the 154th Transportation Company sign.  Bernie's brother, James Krupa. who regretfully is no longer with us, was also in the
154th TC.  Bernie and Bob attended the reunion in his memory.
James R. Krupa
Randy Richmond With Larry & Carol Neuman
Bob Shanta &  Dale Taylor
Herb Edwards - Mike Haas - Jim O'Keefe
Al Furtado & Dave Covert
Herb Edwards & Rich Morawa With Al Krabbenhoeft's Backside
Pastor Jack Park With Herb & Inge Edwards  
Dave Covert With His Former Company Commander Larry Neuman
Tom LeMoine & Al Krabbenhoeft
Dale Taylor
Bob Shanta & Jim McCormick
Brenda Rawlings - Diane Norman
Charlie & Cheri - It must be Happy Hour again.
Herb  Edwards
Charlie & Nilla
Rick & Randy Looking At More Photos
Larry - Jack - David - Rick - Gail  
Diane Norman
Al & Holly  Krabbenhoeft - Portage, IN - 551st TC
John & Kay Shook - Ypsilanti, MI - 551st TC
Al & Nilla
Bob Shanta
Getting Ready For Our Trip To Fort Eustis
Moments To Remember - The Four Lads
71st Dinner At Ruby Tuesday's