71st Transportation Battalion Insignia
After final approval from the Institute of Heraldry in July 1966, the design for the 71st Battalion's insignia with the motto, "Full Speed Ahead" was official.
The green disc represents land. - Truck Battalion

The winged ends of the scroll represents air capability. - Aviation Battalion

The roundel with wavy gold and blue bands represents water. -  Terminal Battalion

The broad arrow and sun from the Philippine flag represents the battalion's
participation in the landings at Luzon during World War II.

Together they refer to the battalion's capability to support tactical operations by
land, sea and air modes of transportation which it had done throughout its
history.  The colors red and gold represent the Transportation Corps.  The
battalion called itself the "Expediters".

Information above was furnished by the Transportation Library at Fort Eustis, VA.
Full speed Ahead