Below are some photos that Ronald "Dr. Joe" Peters was kind enough to send me. Joe was also with the 71St Bn, 567th TC at Newport and Camp Camelot during 66-67. As well as working at Newport, Joe also helped in the
construction of Camp Camelot in 1966. Some of the photos are of the early days of the 71St Bn at Camelot and Newport. Joe, thanks for the use of your photos.
Ronald Peters 567Th Tc
Below are some photos of the Newport Bridge and Newport Dock areas.
Early Camp Camelot - men working on the foundations for the new metal buildings.
The two photos above, the 5 ton and bus were used to transport the troops to Newport Terminal and back to Camelot.
Ron getting ready to ride to Newport
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Newport MP Check Point
                      Bear Cat road Leading To Camelot                                                                                                  Agent Orange Storage Area
Road Leading Into Camp Camelot
538th TC  Company Next To Camelot
Full Speed Ahead
Two More Of Ron - Notice Left Photo Wearing 1st Log Patch - Right Photo 4th Tc Patch
Regretfully Ron passed away November 2007.
Where Have All The Flowers Gone - Kingston Trio - 1962
                   Lt Joseph Howard Jr. On Right                                        
           Going Down The Newport Bridge Heading For Long Binh                      
Ronald Peters - Bus Driver - Equipment Operator
567th TC Area At Camp Camelot
Dong Nai River Barge Site
   Newport Terminal - BD - Big John
Some Of Ron's Friends
Looks like she's making a run for it.
Going Down 1A to Newport
Bear Cat Road