Biking over the Newport Bridge
Two of the cleaning ladies on Christmas 1967
Two more.
Another view of Newport Bridge with section missing
My three-day pass to the Vung Tau R&R Center
They made me take their pictures
Me and One More
Looks like this woman is talking on a cell phone. We all know they weren't around in 1967.
Page 7
More of my stuff, Al Furtado
Not sure what this is. On Highway 1 heading to Bien Hoa from Long Binh Post. Anyone remember?
Photo was taken just before leaving Vietnam. Looking back at it now, you can almost tell I was short and
looking a lot older than when I arrived there a year ago. Little did I know what was waiting for me back in
the world.
Full Speed Ahead
Same Place Two Years Later - Photo From Dennis Mansker
The photo above was taken by David Parsley.  He was with the 605th Trans. Company ADS (Aircraft Direct
Support). David was a helicopter pilot and aircraft maintenance officer with the 605th during 1968-1969.
It's a great panoramic view of the southwest corner of Long Binh Post.  Clearly visible are USARV and 1st
Log headquarters buildings and the 71st Transportation Battalion just below 1st Log.
Reflections Of My Life - Marmalade - 1969
Photo Probably Taken Early  1969
The 154th Shower House
I Was Getting Pretty Short About The Time These Photos Were Taken