Photos From Tim Myers
Below are a few photos that Tim Myers sent me. Tim was also with the 71st Bn, 567th TC at Newport during 67-68. Unfortunately the clippings are incomplete but are still interesting. Tim, thanks for sending the photos.
Above-Tim Myers with his friend SP4 Edwards, also in the 567th TC. Tim was in cargo checking; Transportation, Control, & Movement Document [TCMDs]. Edwards was a forklift operator, 4,000-15,000 Lbs, and RT lifts.
Photo taken at Newport Terminal.
Victory ship Bowdoin leaving Newport after offloading.
Completing the construction of DD#4 at Newport. Photo taken about March-April 1967.  The construction
workers are from the RMK-BRJ Construction Company.
Newport DD#3
Newport DD#3
Newport DD#3
Construction of DD#4
Documentation Shack DD#3 & DD#2
Is this you Tim?
Rear Staging Area Of DD#3
Not sure about this one
Sunset Over The Newport Bridge
Checking for leaks
Looking at Newport from the bridge
Tim With Some Of The Locals
One Of Camp Camelot's Rest Rooms
Tim At The 567th  Camp Camelot
Tim At The 567th TC Headquarters Camp Camelot
Camp Camelot Before The Metal Pre-Fabs Went Up
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Full Speed Ahead
The Hurdy Gurdy Man - Donovan - 1968
Newport DD#3