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My name is Bob Measel.  I was with the 402nd Transportation Company (TT) from March 1969 to April 1970.
Below are some photos I took from that time period.
Bob Just Before Leaving For Vietnam
Working At The Binh Hoa Barge Site
Loading Some Bombs
Gregg Coe & Ted Henry
Rod Silva
Stan Chisholm
One Of Our Barge Site Pets
Bob Pulling Guard Duty
Bob Operating The Crane At The Binh Hoa Barge Site
Binh Hoa Barge Site
Tom Reckers & ?
Bob - 402nd Crane
Working The RT Forklift
Bob & ?
Tom Reckers - Bob Measel - ? Jones
Bob Sitting On Some Bombs
Where is everyone?
Bob On The M-60
What kind of boat is this?
Bob Manning The 50
Keith Fox - Bob Measel - Gregg Coe
Looking Down From The Guard Towers
What is that in the river?
Who are these guys and what are they doing?
More Guard Duty
Harold Goins
Looking Out From Inside A Crane
The Children Of The Binh Hoa Barge Site
This little guy is saluting one of the guards.
All my little friends brought me some flowers.
Bob At The Front Gate With All The Kids
Torture - Kris Jensen - 1962
Working The Rice Paddy Across From The Barge Site
Full Speed Ahead
Bob With More Of The Kids
Bob Hard At Work