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More Photos From Bob Measel - 402nd Transportation Company (TT) 1969 - 1970
Camp Camelot
Bob Outside His Hootch At Camp Camelot
Unknown - Ted Henry - Gregg Coe
My New Radio
Bob Getting A Little Sun
Unknown - Harold Goins - Bob Measel - Unknown - Gregg Coe
Bob Outside His Hootch Again
Unknown - Bob Measel - Gregg Coe - What's going on here?
Bob Catching Up On The News
This is a hole in the wall where a piece of mortar came through and landed on Willy's bunk.  I slept right under him.
Getting Ready To Head Out To The Barge Site
Unknown - Gregg Coe
Gregg Coe - Harold Goins
Buddy Hall - Unknown - Unknown - Bob Measel
Bob In His Hootch
Bob Catching Up On Some Reading
Catching A Show At The EM Club
Below - Bob Hope Christmas 1969
Walking toward the vehicles is Connie Stevens - Bob Hope - Les Brown.
Bob Hope Arriving At Long Binh Post Amphitheater
The Gold Diggers Arriving - The girl in the purple dress is Miss World.
All The Drivers Waiting To Escort The Performers To The Amphitheater
The Gold Diggers Performing
Bob - Unknown - Ted Henry
Bob where did you get that hat?
Looking Down One Of The 402nd Alleys
The ammo dump gets hit again.
Water Buffalo
Some Photos I Took Along The Roadside
Full Speed Ahead
Since I Don't Have You - Jimmy Beaumont and The Skyliners - 1958
Down Time In Our Hootch