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My name is David Stromberger.  I was with the 402nd Transportation Company from January 1969 to January 1970.
David Stromberger And New T-17
Mama San And David Stromberger - March 1969
Mama San And Randy Richmond - 154th TC In Background
Gary Browne From New York - Duane Archer From Las Vegas
Duane  & Gary
Edward Murphy From Texas
Frank Hoguin - CO Driver & Night Guard - From Texas
Gene Flack - Transferred To The 101st As An Infantryman
Dave Stromberger & Gene Flack
Dave In Front Of His Hootch
Johnnie Combs From LA
Jim McCormick - Taking It Easy In The Hootch
Jim McCormick With Guitar
Sgt Green Davis
John Tanner Working On Fuel Truck
Shorty Minks From Missouri
Schiesel & Dave
Thomas Barkley - April 1969
Trucks In 402nd Motor Pool
Green Davis & John Tanner
Dave On Top Of Water Tanks Used For Showers
Randy Richmond At EM Club
Dave Stromberger - Frank Hoguin - John Tanner
Little Shack Out Back And Part Of The 154th TC
Maintenance Building And Bunker In Motor Pool - March 1969
Mess Hall On Left - Battalion HQ On Right
71st Battalion Outdoor Theater - 567th TC In Background
Front Of Drivers Hootch And Banana Tree - March 1969
368th TC - USARV Hill In Background
Gary Browne & Sgt Green Davis In Motor Pool
Randy Richmond & Bill Srsic At Camp Alpha - R&R To Singapore
Sign By 402nd Orderly Room - March 1969
Battalion EM Club & Armored Personnel Carrier In Convoy
Unknown - Pete Harmon - Eddie Ward
Sgt Legg - Night Guard NCO At Binh Hoa Barge Site
Shorty Minks
402nd Trucks
Deadlined Cranes At 402nd Motor Pool
Mamasan Nop
Young Mamasans - Nop Partly Hidden & Lee On Right Who Worked At The EM Club
Young Mamasans At Hootch North Of Ours
Another Young Mamasan
Girl In EM Club And Larry Johnson
Girl At EM Club
Nop Or Babysan
Below - All Girl Band At The EM Club - Camp Camelot
Candy On Left At Age 19 At EM Club - November 23, 1969
Candy On Left Again
Below - On The Road To Newport
Approaching The Newport Bridge
On The Newport Bridge
Forklifts At Newport
Consolidated Maintenance Buildings At Newport
Anton Gronski - Mechanic At Bien Hoa Barge Site
SSGT Louie Edwards - January 1970
Gronski On Forklift At Bien Hoa Barge Site
Dave On T-17
Donald F. Snell From Montana - SSGT Grandon
Gronski - Dave - And Horn In Truck
Gene Flack At Cat Lai 3 Days Before leaving 402nd for 101st AB
Gene Flack & Dave
Buddy Hall
Vogal At Ho Nai Rail Head
Cargo And Forklift At Ho Nai Rail Head - August 1969
5 Ton Trucks And S&P Trailers At Cogido
Ted Henry & Schiesel - Shortimer
Cogido Barge Site
Cogido Barge Site - May 1969
Intersection Of 1A And Road To Cogido - SGT Slater In Mirror
Building At Crossroads To Barge Site
Crossroads To Barge Sites
Graves Along Road To Barge Site
Swinging Cargo At Bien Hoa Barge Site
Below - Photos Taken Along The Roadside
145th Aviation Battalion- Heliport Bien Hoa Air Base
Abandoned Houses On Air Base - January 1970
A Church In Tam Hiep
ARVN Tanks In Tam Hiep
Buildings In Tam Hiep
Esso Station In Tam Hiep
Street In Tam Hiep
Tam Hiep Damage From Tet 68
Dave Behind The Wheel
Going North On 1A By II Field Force - Road On Left Goes To 101st AB
Vietnamese School House On Bien Hoa Air Base
Oxen And Cart On Road To Barge Site
Vietnamese Buildings And WWII Plane At Air Base - December 1969
Busy Alley In Tam Hiep
Back Way Out Of Tam Hiep
Ohm & Sin At Bien Hoa Air Base Mess Hall
Philco Ford Truck At Ho Nai Rail Head
Gate 2 LBP Taken From 1A
Getting Ready To Go Out At Night - This Girl Always Walked By
 Christmas Decorations
Christmas Decorations In Front Of Church - Bien Hoa Air Base - December 1969
Road And Gate Going Into Cat Lai
Crossing The Bridge At Cat Lai
Dave In Saigon
Frank (Speedy) Hoguin In Saigon
Dropping Off Kim, Our Interpreter, Near Her Home In Cholon
Presidential Palace In Saigon
Saigon August - 1969
Saigon Street Scene
Saigon USO Club On The Left Near The White Car
More Street Scenes In Saigon
Gravel Crusher At Air Base - 159th Group Trucks
Tank Retriever Pulling A RT Crane That Turned Over At Cogido
Unknown - Do you remember this guy?
At The Bien Hoa Air Base
Vietnamese Living Quarters
Typical Garbage Truck
Shrine For Buddhas Birthday In Cogido Village
Going Toward Cogido - International Track-Type Tractors
Hope you have enjoyed looking at my photos. If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to contact me.
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Full Speed Ahead
America Communicate With Me  - Ray Stevens - 1970
Candy In The Center