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I am Jack Stahl and I was raised in a small town in eastern South Dakota.  As all of us that are of Vietnam age, I knew I was going to Vietnam.  It was just a matter of time.  At Fort Dix, New Jersey, I
learned to walk during 8 weeks of basic combat infantry training.   After that, I learned how to run during 8 weeks of advanced infantry training.  After the above 16 weeks, I was assigned to a newly
formed infantry Company/Battalion that was being formed and trained to go to Vietnam as a unit.  They were located at General Patton's "Hell On Wheels" at Fort Hood, Texas.  We were out in the field
Monday morning through Friday night.  I remained here until I received my orders to go to Officer's Candidate School at Fort Belvoir, Virginia where, after completing the Officer's Candidate School, I
received my Commission as an Officer in the United States Army.  
By far, one of my favorite military pictures.  My buddy and I are peeling 100 pounds of spuds during our KP duty.  I feel my
time as an enlisted member of the Army made me a better Officer.  I'm the one on the right with the spud in my knife.
Company Command Board With Captain James R. Starling As Company Commander And 1st Sergeant Harry D. Lake                   Captain Starling And Myself Having Supper In Our Quarters
Company Command Board With Captain James R. Winstead As Company Commander And 1st Sergeant Harry D. Lake - Right photo - Captain James Winstead In Our Quarters - I feel very blessed to have
served under both of these commanders.  I learned a lot by the example both these men set not only with me, but how they acted with the men in our company.
Everybody's Favorite Day - Getting Ready For Payday
Getting Ready For The Workday
Bob Hope Christmas Show - 1969
Neil Armstrong In Blue Jumpsuit - First Man On The Moon
Bob Hope Wearing Blue Hat
Connie Stevens In Red Dress
Crowd Photo
Neil Armstrong Again
Connie Stevens In Blue Dress
Half way on the way to Battalion Headquarters, it goes from safe to unsafe, which means you switch to lock and load and full military gear including steel hat and flack jacket.
Arriving At 11th Transportation Battalion Headquarters At Cat Lai
402nd Company Area
Turned Over 20 Ton Crane At Cogido
Captain Starling On Left
Off Loading At Cogido Barge Site
Myself At A Turned Over 20 Ton Crane
Me Standing At The Side Of A Crane
Off Loading More Ammo
Picking Up A New 20 Ton Crane And Returning It To Cogido
Above & Below - Picking Up A Second 20 Ton Crane And Returning It To The Cogido Barge Site Via Water Which Was A Two-Day Trip
Having Breakfast With The Captain Of The Boat
Civilian Girls Working At The Motor Pool
Looks Like They're Having A Good Time Working At The Motor Pool
Vietnam Military National Cemetery
Civilians Going Off To Work
A civilian lost his life at Cogido Barge site and, with the help of the young lady in the white dress, I visited his parents in Saigon.  The above eight photos show the children following me from the road to
the house, then me leaving the house.  This was very emotional.
USO In Saigon
Packing Up To Go Home After A Year In Vietnam
Plane At Long Binh To Take Me Home
View Inside Plane After Take Off - Very Happy GI's
Would very much appreciate any help with names of the men in the photos.  In case anyone is interested, Kathy Lou (as shown in the photos of my jeep) and I just celebrated our 52nd Wedding
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Jack Stahl
Full Speed Ahead
The Wonder Of You - Elvis Presley - 1970
Above And Below - Photos Of 402nd Area - Motor Pool - Headquarters
Me Making Bacon For Breakfast