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Jim Stern's Page
Here are some photos sent to me from Jim Stern.  Jim was also a member of the 71St Trans Bn, 551St Trans Co during 1970 and 1971.  Jim, thanks for sending in the photos.
Some of the cleaning ladies that worked at the 551St area of Camp Camelot
Left Jim Stern and Jim Townsend on right - Good friends in Nam
Jim trying to keep the old deuce 1/2 running
The Piece Seeker -  Always looking for a piece of this or that to haul.
Jim Townsend on left - his brother wearing Redskins jacket on right. At The Wall in 1998
Jim Townsend at the Aberdeen Ordnance Museum in MD on the way back from DC. Standing in front of a display of communist weapons fron the Vietnam era.
Regretfully James A. Stern passed away July 18th 2011
Full Speed Ahead
We've Gotta Get Out Of This Place - Animals 1965
Jim Townsend standing in his hootch at Camp Camelot.  1971