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Photos From Larry Clark

Here are some photos sent to me from Larry Clark.  Larry was also with the 71st Trans. Battalion, 551st Trans Co. from Oct 1967 to Oct 1968.  Worked at DD1 Newport as a forklift operator and then to hatch 5 as a winch
operator.  Larry, thanks for sending in the photos.
Larry Clark on one of the APC's at Newport Terminal - Used during Tet 68 Offense
551st Company Area Bunkers USARV Headquarters in Background
SP4 Larry Clark
                                                   New Doc Shack
Sea Land Operation at Newport
Don't Really Know Much About This One
Looks Like Philco Ford Trucks
Just Can't Remember Their Names
                                             Not Sure about this one
Off Loading a Ship at Dusk
                               Fishing Break at Newport                                                       
The Old Doc Shack Area
                                                  Newport at Dusk
One of the USO Shows at Camp Camolet
On The Road - Some Villages in the Long Binh Area
                    One of my Friends in the Ville                                
                         Me - 2002 ride to DC                                              
One of the Tugs at Newport
Repairing the blown out section of the Newport Bridge.  To the right of the temporary red guard rail, there
should be two more lanes of road.  You can also see the bridge stanchions that hold the missing section.
Full Speed Ahead
Zombies - Time Of The Season - 1968
Building the 551st Ammo Bunker at Camp Camelot
551st Company Area at Camelot
GI With a Monkey Looking Like a Native
New Mess Hall at Newport - Opened May 68
Sea Land Ships At Newport
Me - Getting Ready to Convoy to Newport
Another view of the bridge
Sea Land Operation at Newport
Two More Of The Cleaning Ladies
More of the Guys From the 551st at Camolet