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My  name is Leonard Turner.  I was with the 368th  from  October 67-October 68 and was  assigned as a  crane operator  on the docks at Newport. I  spent 14 days  recovering at the 17th Field Hospital after being shot on
the  side of the face during Tet 68.  Most of my teeth  where blown out, and my jaw was busted  up pretty bad.  My Purple Heart  puts the date of the  injury as February 1, 1968, but it may have actually been in the early
hours of the 2nd.  I do remember that it happened near the Newport bridge.  I recall being put into a 3/4 ton truck, and then waking up in the hospital.  Much of that night is a blur in my memory now after 42 years.  I sure
would like to know who was with me that night, and who put me in the 3/4 ton truck. In these pictures, I can remember a few of the names, but most of them I have forgotten.  If anybody can recognize them, please contact
me.  Thank you, Leonard O. Turner
Leonard Turner
Scott & Leonard
Leonard & Genke
Leonard & Scott
Leonard Writing letters
Leonard Turner At Camp Camelot Bunker
Group Photo - Anyone Remember These Guys?
Looking Between The 368th Hootches At The Mess Hall
Jay Green - Was From Knoxville TN.
Leonard With His Electrical Tools
L-R Bottom Row - Leonard Turner - Genke - Top Row - SP5 Johnson - Scott - Anyone Remember The Two Other Guys?
Anyone Recognize The Guys In This Photo?
Genke - Not Sure If This Is His First Or Last Name
Leonard Getting A Little Sun Outside His Hootch
Johnny Jones
Inside Our Hootch
Leonard Outside Near The Bunker
Johnny J. Jones & Leonard
Leonard Getting A Little  Shade Under That Hat
Not Sure Where This Photo Was Taken
The Newport Bridge From DD-1 - Bumper To Bumper Traffic As Usual
Thank you for looking at my photos.  If you  remember me, I would  appreciate it if you would contact me.  Thank You.
E-Mail -  Leonard O. Turner
Full Speed Ahead
Here, There and Everywhere - The Beatles - 1966