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My name  is Randy Richmond,  a member of  the 402nd  Transportation  Co. (terminal transfer)  from  Jan 69-Oct 70.  The 402nd was originally part  of the 11th Trans Bn.  located on TC Hill on  Long Binh Post. In April 1968
they moved from TC Hill to Camp Camelot. In  June of 1968 they  were reassigned  from the 11th  Trans. Bn. to the 71st  Trans. Bn. Operational  control of the Buu Long, Cogido, and  Dong Nai Barge  Discharge Sites and Ho  
Nai Railhead were also  transferred to the  71st at this time. Later in 69 they were once again assigned to  the 11th Bn. and then to the 159th,  which was, I assume, the last of these moves. Several of us had the distinction
of serving in all of these three different battalions at Camp Camelot without ever leaving the  same hootch or bunk for that matter.  It has been and continues to be a real joy to myself, Al, and many others, to remain in
contact, share one another's company through reunions,  emails,  etc.  And  also to  fill in  various pieces  of the  puzzle  of the  many years  and vistas  of what  was Long Binh Post, Vietnam. Thank you Al for your friendship
and for providing this wonderful place for all of us to display "our" pieces of that puzzle!
Me In The Motor Pool Area - Camp Camelot
Me With A Couple Of The Cleaning Girls
Me And Best Friend Jim McCormick, An Airborne Qualified Trucker
Me And Shorty Minx In The Motor Pool Area
Hodder, Me And Gail Norman Chowing Down On Beanee Weenees
Photo taken from guard tower looking down at the
perimeter of 71st Trans Bn about 1969
Another one from the tower looking across the road
to all the graves -  they were everywhere
Bunkers Between The Hootches - 402nd Trans Co. - 71st Bn - Camp Camelot
402nd Orderly Room
Randy Richmond & Wilfred Lam With Girls Hired To Work In The Motor
Pool  - The Girls Named Him Same Same - He Was Hawaiian.
Me In Motor Pool Area - Building in rear was barber
shop and small shop.
One Of The Barmaids Who Worked In The 71st EM Club Which Had Just
Opened Before I Arrived
Fueling The Cranes At Cogido Barge Site
7 ft. Snake We Killed On The Way To The Airbase
R & R in Singapore's botanical gardens, right before this little fella ran me off the bench!
Full Speed Ahead
I Was Only 19 (A Walk In The Light Green) - Redgum - 1983
Joe Clements - Crane Operator - Cogido Barge Site
Ed Harper & Gail Norman
Randy With A Black Eye
Randy & Jan - Getting Married - December 1969 - Then back To Vietnam For A Second Tour
Randy & Jan - Getting Married - December 1969 - Then back To Vietnam For A Second Tour - Regretfully Jan Passed Away In 2018