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My name is Tom Poston. I was with the 154th Transportation Company from July 1968 to July 1969.   I was a platoon leader at Newport Terminal.  We loaded and unloaded barges, LSTs amd LSUs.  For my last month in
country, I was assigned to Saigon port and lived in a hotel in Saigon.
Tom Poston At Camp Camelot
My Hootch - Note 3 Doors To Cubes In Middle And A Door On Each End
My Hootch - Five Officers To A Hootch
Looking From My Front Porch Down The Walk Way Of The 154th Company Area
My Cube On End Of Hootch
Mail Call At The 154th Orderly Room
154th Company Commander
2 1/2 Ton Truck Next To Stand Up Latrine At Camp Camelot
Heading Down To Newport
Some Of The Men In My Platoon - Man on left is Sgt Wright.
More Men In My Platoon
Couple Of The 154 Men At The Barge Site
More Of The 154 Men
On Left  LT Tom Poston - On Right LT Joe Drinon
Jeep Driver And One Of Our Foremen
Tom Taking A Banana Break
Picking Up The Trash
LST Office
My Office
Retrograding Tanks
Another Tank Heading Home
Philco Ford Trucks Waiting To Pick Up Cargo
LST Decks
Bunkers At My Office - Newport
Bunkers At The LST Site
Floating Crane And Tug Bringing A Barge In
Aussie Truck At Newport
Headquarters At Newport
Big John - The Floating Crane
Shipping The Garbage Out
Fuel Boat Going Up The River
View Of Barge Site From The River
Approaching The South China Sea & Vung Tau Port
Route 1-A - Somewhere Between Long Binh And Newport
Aussie Truck Picking Up Cargo At Newport
Looking Out Over The Land From The Chopper
The Foreman Shows The Evidence - Want some more Wayne?
Wayne Really Got Drunk - First And Last Time
Coolies Who Worked For Me
Coolies Re-Banding Freight
Crossing The Newport Bridge During A Rain Storm
Office Workers Going Home
LCU Coming In
LST And My Two LCMs
RT Forklift Loading LCU
Two LSTs In Port At My Site
LST Coming In Assisted By One Of My LCMs
Discharging Thai Vehicles From LST During A Rain Storm
Loading An LCU
Coming Into The LST Slip
One of the LSTs from the 97 Heavy Boat Company arrives at Newport Terminal. - We haul anything big or small.
2 LCUs At My Site
RT Forklift & Crane Load Cargo On LCU
Sea Train New Jersey - Carries Mostly Vehicles
Tug At Newport
Transporting Thai Troops From Vung Tau To Newport
My Helicopter To Vung Tau
Pilot Checking Controls Before Taking Off
PBR escorts LST with Thai troops on it.
Victory Ship Meridian Passing LST
Victory Ship Harding
Mike Boat Approaching Newport From Saigon
Mike Boat Pulling Away From Ships At Saigon Port
Escort Gunship Flying About Four Feet Above The River
Our Escort Chopper
Chopper Leaving Vung Tau
View From Pier Across Saigon River
Chopper Flying Directly Overhead
My Two Mike Boats Which I Use To Assist LSTs Coming Into The Port
Phillipino Tug In River - Moves Barges When We Request It
Main Source Of Transportation For Most Vietnamese
Rice Patties Along 1-A
Below are some photos I took in and around the Saigon area after most of the 154th was reassigned to the Saigon Port.
The Resting Vietnamese Soldier On 1-A
Honda Roadside Gas Station - Orange bottles have gas in them.
Traveling On 1-A
On Our Way To Saigon For A Vietnamese Party
Driving Down The Honda Filled Streets
Buddhist Temple
Fueling Up At The Shell Gas Station
Wayne - Off To The Party
The Presidential Palace
Esso Barrel Yard Off Saigon River
In The Big City At Last
Peasant Huts On The Way Down River To Saigon
Scenic Saigon From The Saigon River
More Photos From The Saigon River
Homes Along The River
Hope you have enjoyed looking at my photos. Please contact me with any questions or comments.
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