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My name is Chad Ellis.  My father, William F. Ellis, member of the 551st Transportation Company,  71st Transportation Battalion during 1967 - 1968, passed away in 2009.  I have his photos and wanted to share them with
you. If you know any of the guys in the photos, please contact Al and let him know so he can add their names to the photos.
William F. Ellis
Photos Below Taken At Camp Camelot
Far Left - Jerald Riney - Looks like someone is getting short.
Jerold Riney With Magazine - Down Time In The Hootch
Looks Like A Shift Change Party
William Ellis
Party Time
Martin Ruiz - Meyers - William Ellis
John Little
Fred Parker ?
William Ellis & Hootch Girl
Jerald Riney & William Ellis
William Ellis & Unknown
Who is this guy?
Unknown & William Ellis - Looks like this photo was taken in the Vietnamese store when it was located near the rear entrance to Camp Camelot.
William Ellis
William Ellis Sweeping The Boardwalk
Camp Camelot Civilian Workers Checking Out At The 71st  Labor Office
Below - Some Photos From Newport Terminal
Getting Ready To Convoy To Newport Terminal
William Ellis - Getting Ready To Lift A New APC Out Of A Victory Ship
Looks Like Some USAID Cargo Being Off-Loaded
Hope you have enjoyed looking at the photos.
Full Speed Ahead
Lets Live For Today - The Grass Roots - 1967
John Little, nickname "Red" Little
William Ellis
William Ellis
William Ellis
William Ellis Eating
William Ellis With His M-14
William Ellis is the one here with his hand out.
Jerald Riney On Left
Jerald Riney -  William Ellis
Meyers - Don't Remember His First Name
William Ellis and Meyers.
William Ellis On Left
Willian Ellis
Meyers On The Left
Martin Ruiz is in the front right side here with his hand on his belt.
William Ellis
Looks Like  Steak Dinner
Unknown Ship